Silk Painting Class Report

Stephanie Strong guided us through a fun silk painting class this afternoon. Participants included Gwen, Alice, Danila, Roz and Robbie.

Silk painting is a lot like working with watercolor, but special dyes are used instead of paint. The basic steps are to stretch a piece of silk on a frame, draw a design on the silk using a “resist”, paint with the dyes in the areas defined by the resist, dry with a hairdryer, paint on “dyeset”, dry again, remove silk from frame, rinse, pat dry, and then iron completely dry.

Here are our results (some still in progress):

3 thoughts on “Silk Painting Class Report

  1. Lovely! Looks like another great art day in the Valley Arts Group.

  2. Enjoyed the painting on silk class! Had a fabulous afternoon with the group. Thank you Stephanie Strong for your guidance!!

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