Barn Poster

The VAG poster committee distributed the Barn Posters to Lynden, Fairhaven, Bellingham and the Sudden Valley area to invite more people to come and view our Quarterly Arts Exhibit. The posters were well received and the merchants were eager to post them. In fact, the Whatcom Allied Arts is planning to include our poster in their upcoming newsletter.

3 thoughts on “Barn Poster

  1. Many thanks to the poster committee – Stephanie Strong, Eva Wojnar and Karen McCormick. And special thanks to Stephanie for creating the barn artwork!

  2. Wonderful poster! I love it!

    Congratulations to the poster committee for doing such a great job getting this publicity out. And kudos to Stephanie Strong on winning the poster competition. It is a lovely image – simple and strong – perfect for a poster! The time, energy and creativity that has been put into this project is a great boost to the Valley Arts Group. Thank you all.


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