Beryl Adams

Beryl Adams

I started painting more than fifty years ago. I think of this display of paintings as a “Retrospective Exhibit”, allowing the viewer to view paintings that I have created over a large span of time. (approximately 30+ years) You might notice that some of the paintings are signed with only my first name; those are the earliest works in this show. I finally realized that I was not the only “Beryl” who paints; in fact, there are other “Beryl Adams” who are recognized artists. So my name is not as unique as I had assumed.

Many of my paintings are subjective, meaning that I paint from the soul, rather than painting “objects”. Often, my “soul paintings” evolve into people – and sometimes they manifest as layers of atmosphere or waterscapes. Occasionally, I will paint more realistically, but it is the “soul painting” that I enjoy most.

I have two Sudden Valley exhibits hanging concurrently – one in The Barn and the other in the Clubhouse (by El Agave). Both exhibits are retrospective, with the smaller sized paintings at the Clubhouse. Both exhibits will run through October 11, 2018. (In addition, I have an ongoing show at Rhodes Cafe, next to Whole Foods.)

Those of you who are interested in purchasing my work will be happy to know that I have cut my prices considerably. The reason for this is that I plan to relocate soon and therefore am hoping to decrease the size of my inventory.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or comments.

Beryl Adams – (360) 255-1738 (cell)

Below is a sampling of Beryl’s artwork.