Danila Van Veen

She was born in Peru, a picturesque country abounding with natural beauty. The diversity of the regions allowed her to develop a fine appreciation of nature. She studied Education and Marketing because Art was not an option at that time in her life.

After moving from Canada to Bellingham, Washington with her husband and two sons, she took the opportunity to pursue her passion at the Bellingham Art School. Danila has continued to learn through practice her hard work and dedication allowed her to experiment with different media such as acrylics, watercolor, and pastels, her personal favorite. Through her paintings, we experience the wonder and the spirit of nature.

Danila’s paintings capture the the transformational effect of light and colors in the water, earth, sky, clouds and mountains. Her art consistently reflects velvety surfaces and vibrant hues. She achieves the exciting colors of the pastels by beginning with an underpainting process. This process gives texture to the surface of the paper and accentuates the colors of the pastels. She is then able to mix watercolor paint and alcohol or use acrylic ink, achieving remarkable results. A member of the Whatcom Art Guild, Danila has had exhibits around Bellingham including Banners Bank, Fairhaven Farmers Market, the Sudden Valley Creekside Barn, and most recently at Village Books.