Karen McCormick

Karen McCormickKaren McCormick

I’ve always had a fascination with the visual arts. Growing up in Seattle, near the Seattle Art Museum had a great influence in my early years. However, most of my life was spent in south Louisiana. It was there that I received training in art and art education.

There’s a beauty to the south with the magnificent live oak trees, southern architecture, and scenic bayous, but my heart has always been in the Great Northwest. In 2016 my husband and I retired and moved from Baton Rouge, LA to Bellingham and finally to Sudden Valley. We still can’t believe the beauty that surrounds this area season after season. It truly feels like home.

My passion is painting with oils. My approach is somewhat of an old master’s technique of beginning with a tinted canvas and using transparent tinted glazes throughout the painting process. Surrounded by  towering firs, mountains, and water, it is a delight to work on landscapes. I also enjoy painting still lifes and animals/birds. 

Since moving to the Sudden Valley, I have become involved with the Valley Arts Group. They are a wonderful and encouraging group that has greatly influenced me to continue to work and better myself in painting and appreciation of the arts.