Heather Thomas

A Closer Look

This group of work has been a long time in the making. For the last several years, I have adjusted my focus in my art, and my life, for the big picture. Focusing on landscapes that showed a wide view of the beach at sunset, evoking an almost angelic feeling of the lush surroundings I was viewing. In life, it was an “end goal” focus, knowing all of the pieces would fall into place. Now I turn back to my original focus of the up close details. Looking at smaller pieces of everyday life with a fine tooth comb, showing the beauty that is often overlooked. Taking a closer look of the delicate structure of a leaf, the fascinating spiral of a wine opener, and the intricate structures in nature we pass by everyday without a second glance. Each grain of sand that makes up the beach, contributes to the beauty of the whole. Just as every individual helps to make up the masses. I am happy to share my view on these everyday things in all of their glory.