Rhea Booth

Hello! I’m Rhea. I was born in Washington and raised in Montana. I have a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Mixed Media and minor in Art History from Western Washington University. I’m the energetic mom of four equally energetic girls. I work in finances by day and paint by night. 
My subject matter varies but I’m always a lover of bold colors and moody skies. I use acrylic paint on canvas mostly. In recent years, I’ve been setting a theme for my paintings and try to complete one painting each month. My 2020 theme was, “The Lands That Never Were.” It’s been fun to push myself and create a body of work. The global pandemic, virtual schooling, and working from home have had an impact, but I’m finally starting to get my groove back. 
I can often be found doing a wide range of house projects like painting a moody night sky on my daughter’s ceiling, (the theme is Hogwart’s Forbidden Forest and I’m having so much fun!) I love to do yard work and am constantly chasing deer out of my apparently tasty yard. I am an avid reader, road tripper, thrifter, and cook.
See more of my work at: www.rheabooth.com
Or on Instagram: @rheaboothart
Rhea Booth
“Life’s Patterns,” Rhea Booth, paper and acrylic on canvas.