Valley Art Group Rules


  1. You must be a member in good standing (dues current) of the Valley Arts Group and have a signed waiver of liability form on file in order to submit artwork for display.
  2. A limit of two pieces of artwork per exhibitor may be imposed for the main display wall at the Creekside Barn, depending on total number of pieces submitted and space available. Members may bring any number of pieces to show and share at the end of the meeting, but should be prepared to choose one or two of those pieces for the display wall. This rule may be waived if there is extra space available and does not apply to Featured Artist exhibits. Additional pieces may, at the discretion of the wall display team, be exhibited at the South Whatcom Library instead of at the Creekside Barn.
  3. All two dimensional artwork must be framed unless the substrate of the piece is clearly designed to be hung without a frame (e.g. gallery wrapped canvas). Loose or broken frames will not be accepted.
  4. All artwork, without exception, must have wire affixed to the back for hanging. No saw tooth, ring, or clip hangers will be accepted. Hanging hardware, including brackets, screws, and wires, must be firmly secured and appropriate for the size and weight of the piece.
  5. Each piece of artwork must have the title, artist’s name and contact information on the back. Additionally, each member will be required to fill out a preprinted Valley Arts Group display card for each piece, including title, medium, price and artist’s name and contact information.
  6. Each artist is responsible for picking up their artwork at the end of the exhibit. Ideally, all pieces will be removed from the wall and picked up at the time of the regular quarterly meeting. If this is not possible, pieces may be picked up NO EARLIER than the Thursday preceding the meeting. Pieces at the South Whatcom Library should be removed one day BEFORE the meeting so new pieces can be installed immediately after the meeting. No provision can or will be made for artwork that is not picked up; neither the Valley Arts Group nor SVCA nor the YMCA will bear any responsibility for artwork thatmay be lost, stolen or damaged due to the artist’s failure to retrieve artwork or to make specific arrangements for someone else to do so. There are no options for storing artwork at any of VAG’sdisplay locations; artwork not retrieved will be left propped against a wall when the display is taken down.
  7. In the event an exhibited work is sold, the preference would be for the piece to remain on display(marked “sold”) until the exhibit is taken down. Alternatively, the artist may remove the sold work and replace it with another piece in order to avoid leaving blank “holes” on the display wall.
  8. Each exhibiting member is expected to periodically take a turn at volunteering for the wall display team. Featured artists at the Creekside Barn and the Clubhouse are responsible for hanging and removing their own exhibits.Rev. 10-2017